On The Horizon

High-Speed Rail! Time Magazine declares “… high-speed rail is an idea whose time has come… According to Environment America, high-speed rail uses a third less energy per mile than auto or air travel, and a nationwide system could reduce oil use by 125 million bbl. a year. In addition, high-speed rail represents the kind of…

Clinton Global Initiative-America 2 Day Summit

Special Invitation Invited Participant! G. W. Peoples’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Melvin E. Clark, Jr., participated in a two-day business summit in Chicago on June 7-8, hosted by President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Global Initiative-America (CGI) group. This working meeting brought together leaders from the business, foundation, non-governmental organization (NGO), and government…


G. W. Peoples Contracting Co., Inc., is a national minority-owned company that specializes in heavy and light railroad and transit construction related activities.


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